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Cake/Delectable Terms & Conditions

Subject to Change

Last updated November 29th 2023

All paymentmade to Inviting Delectables is an agreement to our policy terms and conditions.

Refunds/Same Day Order/Cancellation


All sales are final. No refunds will be provided.In the event there is an emergency on our behalf you will receive a FULL REFUND.



If Cancellation or rescheduling occurs 14 days prior to event all money will be refunded as credit minus the retainer fee.


If Cancellation or rescheduling occurs 13 days prior to event 0% will be refunded as cash or credit including the non refundable retainer fee.


Any custom items that were purchased for your order will be deducted from you store credit total.

For example your total cake/custom Delectable total was $350 and you ordered a custom cake/Delectable topper for your order which was $40 your store credit will now be $310. 

Same day order cancellations will not receive a store credit and or refund.

All store credits will expire after 1 year.

Allergy & sweeteners,artificial Warnings

Inviting Delectables baked goods may have come in contact with the following ingredients Dietry, and or soy.


Natural Dyes,artificial dyes,artificial flavorings,sugar,artificial sweeteners,artificial color, and other allergens that are not listed.


The client is responsible to warning us about any food allergies. You are agreeing to notify your guest and hold us harmless for any allergic reactions.


Inviting Delectables is not responsible for dietary and allergens however we will take all necessary precautions possible.


Inviting Delectables may use "non toxic" dust/decor to achieve desired design/colors. This may not be approved by FDA however wont harm if consumed. 

All custom delectables and or cakes payments will be taken via Invoice only (Credit card, Debit card). We also accept klarna.

Cake/Custom Delectable quotes

Prior to your inquiry you will 1st receive a price quote for your desired cakes and or delectables. If we need further information to properly price quote your cake and or delectables someone will reach out to you. Once you have received a quote you will then have 48 hours to accept the quote and send a 50% non refundable retainer fee to secure your booking. Please keep in mind a 50% non refundable retainer fee is only requested if your event is greater than 2 weeks. All quotes expire after 48 hours if no payment is received. Any orders less than 2 weeks must pay in full upon receiving invoice. After 24 hours and no payment is received for rush orders your inquiry will be cancelled.

Rush Orders

All rush orders (meaning any orders placed 13 days or less prior to your event) must be paid in full upon receiving invoice. After 24 hours your invoice will be void. After 24 hours and you will like to complete a payment you will have to reach back out to us to see if we can still fulfill your order.If so we will send you a new invoice.


14 days+ may leave a 50% non refundable retainer fee the remaining balance is due 7 days prior to pickup.

13 days or less must pay in full NO EXCEPTIONS


Cake/Custom Delectable Deposits:


There are No refunds on Retainers/Deposits.


All unpaid invoices will automatically cancel after the grace period. Except for rush orders all rush orders must be paid upon receiving invoice.

Cake orders/custom delectable orders that are placed 2 weeks (14 days) or more in advanced may leave a 50% non refundable retainer fee which must be complete within 48 hours. The balance must be paid 7 days prior to pickup.If you fail to pay the balance by the due date your order will be canceled. All 50% retainers are non refundable and non transferable.  


All orders less than 14 days prior to event must be paid in full. NO EXCEPTIONS

Expired Invoice/Cancellation


If your invoice balance is not paid by the due date it would automatically cancel at 12pm eastern time the next day. Please keep in mind there are no refunds and no credit will be issued to avoid this please pay your invoice on time. 

Changes to your Invoice 


The date of your final payment is the final date for any changes of size, style or flavors of your cake and or custom delectables. If you have paid in full for an event that is greater than 14 days and wish to change your cake/custom delectable design you may request to do so but please keep in mind all changes cannot be guaranteed and may or may not be subject to additional fees due to the fact that we may have already ordered custom items for your cake/delectables. There will absolutely not be any changes allowed 13 days prior to you event.


Please pick up your cake/delectables on time. Pick up times vary by day. Pickup starts at 9 am and end at 6:30pm Monday- Friday. Saturday pick up starts at 10am and end at 3pm eastern time. We are closed on SundaysYou cannot pickup earlier than your set time unless we notify you that your order is complete.

When you arrive for pickup please Call or text (973) 910-0379 with your name and state that you have arrived for pickup. Directions can be found on your invoice.

Late/Missed Pickups

You have 48 hours to pick up your order ONLY if you have communicated with us as well as pay a $30 no show fee that must be paid in order for us to release your cake/custom delectables. All orders will be discarded 24 hours after a no call no show and no credit or refund will be issued.


There will absolutely not be any pickups available for after business hours. Our business hours are as follow:

M-F 9AM-7PM 



**Please plan accordingly** We are aware that sometimes things happen and are beyond our control but communication is key**

**We cannot guarantee freshness for our baked goods if you pick up your order later than the original pickup date no delectables and or cake will be remade you will have to pay and place another order for guaranteed freshness**

We are CLOSED on all MAJOR holidays!

Thanksgiving,Christmas Day,New Years Day,Juneteenth and Martin Luther King Jr.Day


Inviting Delectables is not responsible for any damages to the cake and or custom Delectables after pickup. Please refer to the Cake/Custom Delectable care card that is attached to the box for further care instructions.

Cake Design

Inviting Delectables cannot duplicate an exact copy of another cake artist's work but will design something similar within our design range. 

Inviting Delectables will follow the clients request closely to create the cake/custom delectables desired and agreed upon as stated on invoice

Cake Serving Size

Inviting Delectables is not responsible for a shortage of cake if the pieces are cut too large.


Inviting Delectables reserves the right to use all photographs of the cake/custom delectables for advertising purposes.

Wedding Cakes/Delectables

All wedding parties must sign a signed contract. You will receive a email from us stating all

cake/Delectable terms and agreement. All Weddings have their own separate terms and agreement.

Burning Image Cakes

How to use

DO NOT use a sparkler candle to burn image.
DO use a torch lighter and or a long candle.
DO NOT stab a hole in the center of the cake.
Gently hold a flame to the center of the cake for about 5-10 seconds and slowly the flame will begin to burn the image.


Enjoy and don't forget to record and tag us on instagram @i.dbyash so you can be featured on our page. We’d love to see your reaction!



Neither “Inviting Delectables” or its employee’s shall be held liable for any improper or incorrect use of any of our “burning image cakes. Any paid orders are in agreement to terms that you are not holding ”Inviting Delectables” and its employees liable.

Liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, acts of god, consequential damages including but not limited to loss of goods or services, business interruptions damages due to fire. Even if advised of the possibility of such damages.

Performance of this agreement is contingent upon the ability of Inviting Delectables to complete the agreement and is subject to labor disputes or strikes, accidents, acts of god, and other causes beyond our control. Terms of this agreement are binding upon receipt of payment.

Thank You

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